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Global Natural History Initiative to Address 21st Century Challenges New initiative by natural history museums buildings groundbreaking database for global inventory. March 23, 2023 How the Marsupial Sabertooth Thylacosmilus Saw Its World Study describes how extinct hypercarnivore likely achieved 3D vision, despite wide-set eyes characteristic of an herbivore. March 21, 2023 Astrophysicist Jackie Faherty Awarded National Science Foundation Career Grant Prestigious grant funds development of most complete map of our solar neighborhood. February 9, 2023 Glassfrogs Achieve Transparency By Packing Red Blood Cells Into Mirror-Coated Liver New study documents glassfrogs storing red blood cells in liver while they sleep. December 21, 2022 World's Simplest Animals Get Their Place In The Tree of Life Study on blob-like placozoans receive first analysis and complete classification based on molecular characteristics. December 8, 2022 Museum Names Scientist and Educator Sean M. Decatur as New President Sean M. Decatur assumes his duties on April 3, 2023. He succeeds Ellen V. Futter, who will step down in March 2023. December 6, 2022 The Richard Gilder Center for Science, Education, and Innovation Will Open in Spring 2023 The soaring, light-filled spaces will welcome visitors when the Gilder Center opens to the public. October 27, 2022 The Museum's Richard Gilder Graduate School Confers PH.D. and MAT Degrees Graduates include 13 new earth science teachers and four doctoral graduates in comparative biology. September 14, 2022 Study Finds Sky-High Levels of Antifreeze Protein in Arctic Fish Snailfish study reveals highest expression levels of antifreeze proteins ever reported. August 16, 2022 Study Refutes Claim T. Rex was 3 Separate Species Paleontologists find insufficient evidence that iconic Tyrannosaurus rex should be reclassified. July 25, 2022 AMNH Announces Extinct and Endangered: Insects in Peril The exhibition highlights 40 incredible but imperiled insect species, selected from specimens in the Museum’s research collection. June 9, 2022 Fossils Show Head-Bashing Contributed to Evolution of Giraffes' Long Necks Analysis of a newly described species of ancient giraffe shows a unique skull and neck adapted for head-bashing competition. June 3, 2022
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