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Cougar diorama painting (1941)

Artist Charles Shepard Chapman paints the background of the cougar (mountain lion) diorama—Arizona's Grand Canyon. (1941)

Cliffrose in cougar diorama (1939)

A sketch by Raymond DeLucia of Purshia stansburiana—Stansbury cliffrose—a plant collected at the field site for the cougar (mountain lion) diorama. The species was later modeled for the scene. (1939)

Moose site photograph (1938)

A field shot of the site depicted in the moose diorama: a muskeg, or peat bog, in Alaska's Kenai Peninsula. (1938)

Botanical field sketch (1938)

George Frederick Mason's field sketches of plants during an expedition for the moose diorama in the Kenai Peninsula, Alaska. These plants are in the Salix (willow) genus. (1938)

Miniature moose diorama (1940)

A miniature version of the moose diorama built for portable display. (1940)

Azalea field sketch (1946)

A field sketch of the Western azalea (Rhododendron occidentale) depicted in the coyote diorama. (1946)

Painting the brown bear diorama (1941)

Artist Belmore Browne paints the background for the Alaska brown bear diorama. (1941)

Brown bear clay model (1940)

Taxidermist Robert H. Rockwell works on the clay model for the standing Alaska brown bear, which is more than 8 feet tall. (1940)

Bear model measurements (1930's)

Photographs of a clay model of the standing Alaska brown bear, indicating the measurements required to fit the tanned hide—part of the exacting taxidermy process. (1930's)

Bison diorama model (1939)

Paul Wright works on a sketch model of the American bison and pronghorn diorama. (1939)


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