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The noise and excitement of combat attract other moose. How many cows (no antlers), young bulls (small antlers), and prime bulls (large antlers) can you count in the background painting?

Peat Bog

Spongy, wet ground containing sphagnum moss and decomposing organic matter. Also called muskeg. 

Black Spruce

These black spruce trees (Picea mariana) are stunted from growing in the bog's wet, acidic ground.

Scarred Ear

Fighting moose can sustain serious injuries, such as broken bones, internal bleeding, and gouged eyes.

Eye Orientation

Fighting moose roll their eyes to see better and send signals. This bull's downward-cast eye means he is holding his ground. 

Shed Antler

Male moose grow new antlers every year. They shed them after the mating season when the testosterone levels decline. 

Boreal Forest

The boreal forest is a broad swath of trees, often stunted and consisting mainly of larch, willow, pine, and spruce, that covers northern North America and Eurasia.

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