Special Events

Hayden Special Event: Total Solar Eclipse

Monday, August 21

Total Solar Eclipse of the sun

On the afternoon of August 21, the Moon will pass between the Earth and the Sun, completely blocking out the Sun for about 3 minutes in a swath of  North America stretching from Salem, Oregon to Charleston, South Carolina. While New York is not in this “path of totality,” we will be able to see the Moon cover more than 70 percent of the Sun. Join us in the Rose Center for Earth and Space for NASA’s live broadcast of the Total Solar Eclipse and learn more about this rare celestial event.

Come Prepared! Purchase Eclipse Glasses: Resources for solar filters and solar eclipse viewing

Can't join us? Watch from home!


Event Schedule:

12:00 pm – Information available in the Cullman Hall of The Universe

12:30 pm – Pop-up talk given by Brian Levine followed by Q&A (seating is limited)

1:30 pm – Outside Viewing (Rose Center for Earth Space and the Arthur Ross Terrace)

4:00 pm – Event ends


Phases of the Eclipse for NYC

1:23 pm – Start

2:44pm – Peak of totality (over 70 percent coverage)

4:00pm – End



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