Online Resources

All Grades

Journey to the Stars for Educators
Free online resources and fieldtrip information.

Cullman Hall of the Universe
Vivid animations of stellar life cycles in the "Stars Zone" include a high mass star that swells into a red giant and a low mass star that becomes a white dwarf.

Solar & Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO)
Nearly up-to-the-minute images of the Sun and a full range of educational resources, including a very informative "Sun 101" resource and access to solar physicists.

Lesson plans, activities, and information about the structure and workings of the Sun.

Elementary & Middle School

Astronomy OLogy
Hands-on activities and articles related to astronomy, such as a Stargazing Sky Journal, Build the Big Dipper Mobile, One-on-One with the Sun, and Planetary Mysteries.

Solar System Exploration
Lesson plans and activities related to NASA missions throughout the Solar System, as well as profiles of the men and women involved in NASA's space exploration.

Middle & High School

Sun-Earth Day
Extensive educational guides, activities, and images related to the Sun, as well as information about the Sun-Earth Day program, which celebrates a different aspect of NASA Sun-Earth Connection research each year.

Discovering the Universe
Curriculum materials that explore stars and other celestial bodies, and demonstrate how astrophysicists analyze their distant light for clues to their physical and chemical properties.

Science Bulletins
Videos, interactives, and essays that introduce students to current research in astrophysics. Check out the Astro features and snapshots, including "SALT: Imaging the Southern Sky," "Sloan Digital Sky Survey: Mapping the Universe," and "Earth's Magnetic Shield."

Chandra X-Ray Observatory
Information and activities related to the Chandra X-Ray Observatory, which scientists use to study high-energy regions of space, such as the remnants of supernovas.

How Stars Work
Information about the properties and life cycles of stars. See also, How the Sun Works

Also at the Museum Beyond Planet Earth


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Journey to the Stars Online Educator's Guide