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Tiny Giants follows the titanic challenges that small animals face as they make their way in a much bigger world. With groundbreaking cinematography—screened in 3D and 2D—the film achieves an incredible intimacy that allows audiences to see and feel what life is like when you are under 1 foot tall.

Viewers experience the world of two small heroes: a chipmunk in a wild wood and a grasshopper mouse in Arizona’s scorched desert. Both are forced to grow up fast to face experienced rivals and huge predators and to call on ingenious “superpowers” to not only stay alive but also master their universe.

Inspired by the BBC original television series “Hidden Kingdoms,” Tiny Giants is the first original giant-screen film release of BBC Earth Productions. It was created by award-winning filmmakers Michael Gunton and Mark Brownlow and is narrated by actor, author, and director Stephen Fry.

Tiny Giants

Tiny Giants 

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Tiny Giants is screened in 3D digital and 2D film.

Tiny Giants

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