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Brain: The Inside Story

For Educators

Brain: The Inside Story explores how neurons communicate; how the brain processes sensory information, emotions, and behaviors; how the organ evolved in vertebrates; and what makes each human brain unique. This comprehensive guide will help you explore the exhibition with your students.

Educators Guide and Materials

More Resources for Educators

Use these free online resources to further explore themes presented in Brain: The Inside Story exhibition.


Cookies and Neurotransmitters

Watch how neurotransmitters such as dopamine, oxytocin, and corisol shift as you feel stress, pleasure, and motherly love. This interactive shows how neurotransmitters relay messages as you decide whether or not to eat a cookie.



Express Yourself!

You don't have to speak the same language, or even speak, to understand when someone is happy or sad. Explore how and why our brains have evolved to read facial expressions. 


Hands-on Activity

Draw Your Nervous System

Neurons can send more than 100 signals a second at speeds up to 250 miles an hour. Create a life-sized drawing to learn more about your body's speedy message carriers. 


Hands-on Activity

Read With Your Fingers

Reading by touch instead of sight forms new and different neuron connections. Discover firsthand how your brain can learn to read Braille with your fingertips. 


Hands-on Activity

Taste a Smell Test

It's not just the taste buds in your mouth that let you taste sweet, bitter, salty, sour, and other flavors. Take the Jellybean Test to find out how your nose helps you taste. 


Hands-on Activity

Test Your Reaction!

In a game like dodge ball, how is it that your brain is able to tell you to raise your arm and block an incoming ball with your elbow? Find out with this simple experiment. 

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