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Proof of impact

Proof of impact

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    • Shocked, melted and pulverized rocks helped prove that meteorite impacts can make craters.

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    • Topic: Earth Science

      Subtopic: Meteorites

      Keywords: Meteorites, Impact, Asteroids--Collisions with Earth, Comets--Collisions with Earth, Meteor Crater (Ariz.), Astrogeology, Meteorite craters, Collisions (Astrophysics)

      Audience: General

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Some of the Kaibab limestone that melted during the Meteor Crater impact mixed with solid rock and bits of meteorite. 

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Metallic spherules

More than 80 percent of the Canyon Diablo meteorite that formed Meteor Crater vaporized into a hot mushroom cloud of meteoritic metal, which later condensed to form these spherical bits of iron.

D. Canyon Diablo AMNH9.jpg

Canyon Diablo (AMNH 9)

Many of the thousands of Canyon Diablo fragments found at Meteor Crater have been heavily weathered.

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