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A.4.2. Krasnojarsk. Rocks from space? hero



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    • Rocks from space?

      When the Krasnojarsk meteorite was found in 1749, no one believed that rocks came from space. But after Ernst Chladni, a German physicist, analyzed this meteorite's unusual mixture of stone and iron, he began to convince skeptics that meteorites did indeed originate far from Earth. For his innovative work, Chladni became known as the father of meteoritics—the study of meteorites.

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      Found 1749

      Yeniseisk, Krasnoyarsk Territory, Russia


      AMNH 897

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    • Topic: Earth Science

      Subtopic: Meteorites

      Keywords: Astrophysics, Astrogeology, Meteorites--History, Chladni, Ernst Florens Friedrich, 1756-1827, Astrophysicists

      Audience: General

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