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Guggenheim Hall of Minerals

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This hall presents hundreds of striking specimens collected from around the world. Almost everything on display come out of Earth looking the way it does here. 

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Howard Lee Belsky Memorial Exhibit of Microminerals

Many mineral specimens hold a world of hidden beauty and detail that only a microscope can reveal.

Profile: George Harlow

George Harlow, Curator in the Division of Physical Sciences, is a geologist specializing in mineralogy and crystallography.

If Rocks Could Talk

Whether 4.5 billion or 900 years old, every rock has a story to tell, giving us clues about the history of the Earth. Explore these stories by looking at igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic rocks.


Jade has been used by people for thousands of years — first to make tools, later to create precious works of art. Take a peek into mineralogist George Harlow's scrapbook to see why he thinks this rock is so special.

Listing Thumbnail: Zircons

Zircons: Time Capsules from the Early Earth

Ancient crystals reveal Earth's earliest era.

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