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Volcanic bombs

Volcanic Bombs

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    • Volcanic bombs form during many eruptions. The patinas of reddish brown or bluish iridescence formed when the bombs’ outer layer reacted with the oxygen in the atmosphere.

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    • Topic: Earth Science

      Subtopic: Volcanoes

      Keywords: Volcanoes, Volcanic ash, tuff, etc., Geology, Structural, Volcanic eruptions

      Audience: General

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Spindle bomb

Spindle bomb

While still airborne, a molten blob of magma twisted through the air, stretching and bending itself into this formation, known as a spindle bomb.

Cored Bomb

Cored bomb

This bomb formed around a nugget of chilled rock.

Cannonball Bomb

Cannonball bomb

When the bomb hits the ground and hurtles down the slope, making a whirring noise, its corners become sheared, and the hardened form appears as a smooth, rounded lump.

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