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Dwindling Resources

Dwindling resources

Dwindling resources

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    • Many natural resources renew themselves, but often do so much more slowly than they are extracted and used. This is true for oil, whose depletion may make the largely untapped oil shales a reasonable and economical source of energy in the future. Some resources can only be extracted at great cost or difficulty. For example, the mining of aluminum from its ore, bauxite, requires a great deal of energy, making the practice of recycling worth the effort.

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    • Topic: Earth Science

      Subtopic: Minerals and Resources

      Keywords: Conservation of natural resources, Geology, Mines and mineral resources, Nature conservation

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Bauxite forms in tropical environments where warm groundwater leaches and dissolves nearly everything out of the rocks except for aluminum and silicon.

Oil Shale

Oil shale

Oil shales form when organic matter trapped in layers of clay sediment is transformed by bacteria into petroleum.

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