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Rose Center for Earth and Space Special Collections

Rose Center for Earth and Space Special Collections

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    • Displayed outside of the main galleries, the Rose Center for Earth and Space Special Collections highlight different ways of measuring, interpreting, and recording explorations of the universe through the ages. From a 16th-century portable sundial used to track time to breathtaking photographs of the Apollo lunar landings, these exhibits celebrate the human impulse to discover and understand the natural world.

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Armillary Sphere (large)

The Galactic Armillary

This design of this armillary sphere was inspired by those of antiquity, but its content captures our modern understanding of the universe.

Aztec Sun Stone

The Aztec Sun Stone

This terrazzo inlay representing the face of the Aztec Sun Stone was a centerpiece of the Hall of the Sun in the original Hayden Planetarium, built in 1935.

Celestial Objects

Celestial Objects

Inspired by the star show at the first Hayden Planetarium, artist Michele Oka doner cast more than 200 of these energetic bronze forms, which suggest spiral galaxies, stars, planetary orbits and various shapes of the universe.

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