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Parts of a Spider: Ventral View of Female Spider


Ventral View of Female Spider

Chelicera: The first pair of appendages which in spiders has become modified into a stout basal part and a smaller distal segment, the fang. 
Fang: The moveable distal segment of the chelicera, used to inject venom into prey. 
Endite: The expanded base of the pedipalp used to filter particles from the spider's liquid diet. 
Labium: A small plate forming the back edge of the mouth. 
Sternum: A plate covering the ventral cephalothorax. 
Coxa: The first element of the walking leg. 
Lung slit: The external entrance to the book lungs. 
Epigynum: The external female genitalia or sex organs. 
Spinnerets: Fleshy finger-like appendages which emit silk from tiny spigots at their tips. Most spiders have three pair; anterior, median and posterior.

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