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Dinosaurs Alive Booklist for Children

Czerkas, S.J. 2002. Feathered Dinosaurs and the Origin of Flight. The Dinosaur Museum, Blandng, Utah.

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DK Publishers. 1994. The Big Book of Dinosaurs.

DK Publishers. 1998. Dinosaurs and How they lived.

Lindsey, W. 1998. On the Trail of Incredible Dinosaurs. DK Publishing.

Norell, M.A., and Dingus, L. A Nest of Dinosaurs: The Story of Oviraptor. Doubleday, New York.

Norell, M.A., Lowell, D., and Gaffney, E. 1995. Discovering Dinosaurs: Evolution, Extinction, and the Lessons of Prehistory. University of California Press, Berkeley, California.

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Rey, L. 2001. Extreme Dinosaurs. Chronicle Books, San Francisco.

Wenzel. G.C. 2004. Feathered Dinosaurs of China. Charlesbridge Publishing

Zimmerman, H. 2000. Dinosaurs! The Biggest Baddest Strangest Fastest. Antheneum, New York.

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