Happy Valentine's Day!

Go Wild! Celebrate Valentine's Day at the Museum with our gallery of cards. Print them out and share with your friends. 

You Rock Valentine

Sedimentary Rock

In the Gottesman Hall of Planet Earth, you’ll find geological specimens from nearly all corners of the globe: pure sulfur formed in an Indonesian volcano, a fossil stromatolite from the Sahara Desert in Mauritania, and even a sedimentary rock from Central Park.

Clownfish GIF


Most fish avoid anemones, which kill and eat small animals. But clownfish have a special adaptation—a thick layer of mucus that protects them from the anemone’s poison. See this perfect pair in The Power of Poison.

Quartz Valentine


The Museum's Guggenheim Hall of Minerals includes this touchable rock crystal quartz specimen, found in Hot Springs, Arkansas. 

Milky Way Galaxy Valentine

Milky Way Galaxy

See this Milky Way visualization in the current Space Show Dark Universe

Roy Chapman Andrews Valentine

Roy Chapman Andrews and the Gobi

A camel caravan was one of the ways Roy Chapman Andrews, who initiated a decade of Museum expeditions to Mongolia in the 1920s, and his team traveled through the Gobi Desert. His team discovered many dinosaur fossils, including the first nests of dinosaur eggs, some of which you can see on the Museum's fourth floor.

Orb Spider Valentine

Orb Spider

Orb weaver spiders (Argiope sp.) are found all over the world and spin large webs that often contain striking designs.