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Answers to Find Me!

Answers to Find Me!

Page 7: Coronograph

Page 9: Kilauea

Page 11: Allende

Page 13: Winged Victory

Page 15: Great White

Page 17: Oviraptorid

Page 20: Hadrosaur

Page 23: Cat

Page 25: Mammoth

Page 27: Okapi

Page 28: Pronghorn

Page 31: Gibbon

Page 31: Islamabad

Page 33: Gecko

Page 35: Passenger

Page 37: Acorns

Page 39: Dodo

Page 41: Trilobite

Page 45: Horse

Page 47: New Ireland

Page 49: Ten

Page 53: Yoruba

Page 55: Aztec

Page 57: Inka

Page 59: Otters

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