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Emerging Visual Anthropologists Showcase

In this special showcase we present three exciting new short ethnographic documentaries. Sadia Halima’s Laal Pari introduces us to a resilient and lively woman activist in Bihar, India, who has challenged a patriarchal system. In Christine Mladic Janney’s Living Quechua, a Brooklyn Peruvian woman’s mission to connect speakers of her native Quechua reveals New York City as a bubbling crockpot of linguistic diversity. Neither Here Nor There (Ni Aquí, Ni Allá), by Gabriella Bortolamedi, reveals the complexities and pressures of a young undocumented  “dreamer” who not only makes it to Berkeley but also keeps her family together despite the pressures of living under the radar.

This screening will be followed by a Q&A with the filmmakers and Noelle Stout, Assistant Professor, Department of Anthropology, and Dr. Pegi Vail, Graduate Program in Culture and Media, NYU.

Co-presented by NYU Dept. of Anthropology Graduate Program in Culture, and Media

Past Forward, My Perspective

"I have changed places at different points in time, been an immigrant within my own country and outside of it. And this experience of treading in past and present, home and home away from home has taken a shape of an anchor and guides me through cultures and human patterns that exist outside of time’s constraints.

I strongly believe you cannot understand your present by disassociating yourself from the past; present can never exist out of context. Today when I see women’s struggle in the west or in big cosmopolitan cities of India, I am forced to go further down the line to my hometown. It never ceases to surprise me how amazingly they fight their own battles there. This comparative understanding of struggles of women across places and time has definitely enhanced my view on cultural imperialism and its impact on women."

-- Sadiya Halimakhan | Director, Laal Pari

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