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Remembering Yayayi-1000-3

Remembering Yayayi

Sold out - The lifestyles of a remote aboriginal community are explored through a combination of archival footage and modern-day remembrances.


The Return

Four Polish women raised Catholic set out to become strong, dynamic Jewish leaders, faced with the unique task of building an identity in a vacuum.


Robert Gardner Tribute

Sold Out - In honor of preeminent filmmaker Robert Gardner, who died on June 21, 2014, this year’s retrospective screening will feature Gardner’s iconic ethnographic film Dead Birds (1964, 85 min) and screen the New York premiere of Gardner’s last film, Dead Birds Re-encountered (2013, 46 min).


Santa Cruz del Islote

Isolated and peaceful, the world’s most densely populated island is increasingly dependent on the Colombian mainland as the environment changes and sea level rises.


Seeds of Time

An agriculturalist races against time from Rome to Russia to the Arctic Circle to save the one resource we cannot live without: our seeds.

SEPIDEH Website-1

Sepideh—Reaching for the Stars

When Iranian teenager Sepideh discovers an interest in astronomy, she must reconcile her family lifestyle with her professional aspirations.


Soul Food Stories

Aging members of an all-male social club in a Bulgarian village argue about women’s rights, homosexuality, and other modern surprises.



In the industrial town of Port Kembla, a community center embarks on a noble and atypical quest: to serve the townspeople with a not-for-profit funeral service.



Devastating effects of retreating ice in Greenland and rising seas in the Pacific frame an elegantly conceived climate-change cautionary tale.

Palace Wall Website-1

Under the Palace Wall

The juxtaposition of a palace turned luxury hotel and the school beneath its walls creates an eloquent portrait of life in an Indian village.

Vultures of Tibet1000-2

Vultures of Tibet

The sacred funeral tradition of Sky Burial reveals the tourism and commercialization of culture in Tibet.


The Venice Syndrome

The story of a bastion of culture sinking under the weight of millions of tourists, giving voice to the rapidly vanishing local population.


Walking Under Water

A fisherman whose ancestors lived almost exclusively on the water provides a window into the disappearing culture of the Badjao people.

wheregodlikestobe Website-2

Where God Likes to Be

Sold out - A lyrical, evocative exploration of three young lives on the Blackfeet Indian reservation reveals what it means to be Native American today.

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