The Human Tower 1

The Human Tower

Three countries. One passion. Three hundred bodies climbing, reaching the sky to build a human tower—all for a touch of glory.

Jai Bhim Comrade 1

Jai Bhim Comrade

A 14-year examination by acclaimed political documentarian Anand Patwardhan of the music of protest of the Dalit, India’s “untouchable” caste.

Keep Me Upright 3

Keep Me Upright (Tiens moi droite)

An intimate, wry, and whimsical self-portrait that incorporates collage and animation to celebrate the healing qualities of art and the power of defining ones own story.

Una vida sin palabras 3[1]_2

A Life Without Words (Una Vida Sin Palabras)

The story of two deaf siblings in rural Nicaragua living entirely without written, spoken, or signed language pose provocative questions about the purpose of words, aid work, and documentary film.


The Light in Her Eyes

At her Qur’an school for girls in Syria a Muslim preacher challenges her students to live according to Islam without giving up their dreams.

Manapanmirr in Christmas Spirit 1

Manapanmirr, in Christmas Spirit

An exploration of the joys and sorrows of Christmas in northeast Arnhem Land, one of the most isolated Aboriginal land in Australia.


Maori Boy Genius

At 16, Ngaa Rauuira is a prodigy and a national hero—how will he rise the extraordinary challenge of being the voice and hope of the Maori community while dealing with the ordinary trials of being a teenager?


Mead Arcade

This year, in collaboration with Games for Change , the Mead invites audiences to play a series of interactive digital games that delve into critical social and global issues that appear throughout Festival films and discussions.


Meanwhile in Mamelodi

The World Cup in a Pretoria township and the life of an ordinary family: struggle for survival, teenage problems, business—and vuvuzelas.