SUN KISSED_Dorey in Kit Carson's cave_photo by Adi Lavy

Sun Kissed

A Navajo couple discovers their children have a disorder making exposure to sunlight fatal.

drummers and ice cream shop[2]

Sweet Dreams

A remarkable group of Rwandan women defies the devastation of the genocide to form the country’s first all-female drumming troupe and open the country's first ice cream shop.


The Other Half of Tomorrow

This series of vivid short documentaries explores the disparate realities of contemporary Pakistan through the perspectives of women.


Through Navajo Eyes

A series of seven short documentary films which show short scenes of life in the Navajo Nation.



A rare document of 1960s Brazil and of the thrilling sparks that fly when art, culture, and politics collide.


Whose Story Is It? Story Lounge

Whose Story Is It? Story Lounge is an interactive event with the Moth, POV, and StoryCorps that will explore, along with the audience, the role of stories in our contemporary lives.