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The Infamous T

Homeless and failing out of high school, 18-year-old Jonathon moves in with a queer host family, transfers schools, and forms a dance crew.


Irish Folk Furniture

A beautifully composed stop-motion animated short about the repair, recycling, and repatriation of traditional furniture in an Irish village.

Gabriela 1

A Kiss for Gabriela (Um Beijo para Gabriela)

A Kiss for Gabriela tells the story of Gabriela Leite, the first sex worker to run for Brazilian Congress, who in 2010 faced down 822 opponents and a male-dominated political system and became a cultural icon in the process.



India’s retail revolution is causing a shift from traditional markets to modern malls, showcasing the struggle of local vs global capitalism.



People and nature near the accident-prone Mayak nuclear facility show resilience in the face of the invisible menace of repeated irradiation.


Miss Nikki and the Tiger Girls

An all-girl group rises against the backdrop of Burmese civil war and embarks on a self-actualizing journey in tandem with their nation.


Queen of the Desert

Starlady is not your ordinary youth worker: with fabulous hair and outfits, she is training indigenous youth in the art of hairdressing.


People’s Park

October 18, 2014 - October 20, 2014

The Margaret Mead Film Festival invites you to spend a whole afternoon in the park… without leaving the Museum. 



Named after a Cajun word meaning “dangerous carousing,” this wild ritual film examines a bizarre tradition of masks and muddy mayhem.

A Self-Made Man 1_1000_2

A Self-Made Man

SOLD OUT - Trans youth advocate Tony Ferraiolo is candid and compassionate even as he himself struggles with the complexities of life as a transgender.