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Tales From the Organ Trade

The shadowy world of international black market organ trafficking is a drama of endless moral and ethical complexity.



What does it mean to try to become who you want to be? How do you choose your life instead of letting it be shaped by circumstance? French-American director Alicia Harrison’s intimate conversations with immigrant taxi drivers provides a vivid portrait of contemporary New York City, the hardships of living here, and why so many of us are still drawn to stay.


Tea or Electricity (Le Thé ou l'Electricité)

Follow the implementation of electricity in a tiny isolated village in the middle of the Moroccan High Atlas. Shot season after season, this gorgeously filmed story slowly reveals how the people of Ifri join the grid of modern civilization. Before our eyes, a small village and a way of life are transformed by the comforts and complications of connecting to the rest of the world.


This Ain’t No Mouse Music!

SOLD OUT - Roots music icon Chris Strachwitz, founder of Arhoolie Records, has fought against what he calls slick “mouse” music since 1960. We join him for on a hip-shaking stomp from Texas to New Orleans, Cajun country to Appalachia, on a passionate quest for the musical soul of America.

Three Voices 3_1000

Three Voices (Diario a Tres Voces)

Monserrat, 15 and effervescent, is asked out for the first time and says yes. Nora, 50 and divorced, pursues her former beauty through psychic healing. Aldegunda, 90 and a great-aunt, recalls with a certain dark comedy her early romantic thrills and mishaps. Together, these Mexican women tell a universal story in Otilia Padua’s rich portrait Three Voices.

Tonto Plays Himself 3_1000

Tonto Plays Himself

Devoted cinephile Jacob Floyd, confronts the filmmaker’s anxieties about representations of Native Americans in film as he explores the 1930s and 40s career of his actor-cousin Victor Daniels, a.k.a. Chief Thundercloud.


Top Ten Ldn

This joyful tapestry of London’s cultural hotpot captures the bustle of life among one of the most diverse immigrant populations on earth.


Village at the End of the World

A witty, surprising, and ultimately feel-good portrait of an isolated Inuit village of 59 people in Greenland thriving against the odds.


When I Walk

Seven years and 3,600 hours of footage after being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, Jason DaSilva brings an intimate portrait of his own physical decline to the big screen with When I Walk. Harrowing but optimistic, with the camera pointed ever inward, DaSilva reminds us of the beauty of fleeting moments, the importance of silliness, and the indomitable spirit of humanity.


Who Will Be a Gurkha

Sam Manekshaw, former chief of staff of the Indian Army, once quipped: “If a man says he is not afraid of dying, he is either lying or is a Gurkha.” The prestigious, centuries-old Nepali mercenary unit features prominently in the imaginations of young Nepali boys, and Who Will Be a Gurkha shines a bright light on the tradition and its trials.