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Nearly a century after Museum anthropologists first recorded a sacred ceremony of the Zuni tribe, a rare archival film is getting its second life. Through a groundbreaking collaboration between the Museum’s Cultural Resources Office, Museum archivists and anthropologists and the Zuni A:shiwi A:wan Museum and Heritage Center, the 1923 silent film The Shalako Ceremony at Zuni, New Mexico has been updated with Zuni inter-titles and narration. View this never-before-seen community-edited version at a special screening, then hear from an expert panel moderated by Jim Enote, director of A:shiwi A:wan Museum and Heritage Center about the history and repercussions of filming sacred ceremonies of the Zuni—and how repurposing archival films can create new, contemporary meanings.

Panelists include Dr. Peter Whiteley, Museum curator of North American Ethnology, Barbara Mathe, Museum Archivist and Curtis Quam and Octavius Seowtewa from Zuni.

The program will be preceded by a Zuni musical performance in the Hall of Birds of the World.

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