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Fishtail at the Tribeca Film Festival

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Fishtail_Tribeca Film Festival

The iconic voice and noble philosophies of Harry Dean Stanton punctuate this authentic look at life on the edge of the wilderness. Cowboys, roaring campfires, and vast landscapes—those hallmarks of the American West—punctuate director Andrew Renzi’s glimpse into a rugged lifestyle few Americans still pursue. Following the cowboys of Montana’s Fishtail Basin Ranch as they survive another calving season, Renzi captures the texture of pastoral life, highlighting its cyclical and untainted essence. Suffused with rustic beauty, this atmospheric documentary observes this idealized occupation with an honest eye. Set to a seraphic score, Stanton would agree, this is a film for “those of earth-born passion.”

There are four opportunities to view this film at the 2014 Tribeca Film Festival:
9:45 PM - THU 4/17 | Bow Tie Cinemas Chelsea 8
7:30 PM - SAT 4/19 | Bow Tie Cinemas Chelsea 9
7:00 PM - MON 4/21 | AMC Loews Village 7
6:30 PM - THU 4/24 | Bow Tie Cinemas Chelsea 6

Visit the Tribeca Film Festival's website to find out more information and buy tickets.

About the Director
Andrew Renzi’s narrative feature debut, Franny, was selected to the 2013 Sundance Screenwriters Lab and is the recipient of a Cinereach Writer’s Grant. Andrew’s second short film, Karaoke!, premiered at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival and was the recipient of the Panavision Future Filmmaker Award. Andrew’s first short film, The Fort, premiered at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival and went on to play festivals around the world.

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