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Squid and whale renovation circa 2003 (closer up)

Epic Encounter: Giant Squid and Sperm Whale

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A thrilling life-and-death struggle between a giant squid and a sperm whale is a highlight of the Museum’s special exhibition Whales: Giants of the Deep. The animation brings to life a scene that has fascinated visitors for decades—the sperm whale and giant squid diorama in the Irma and Paul Milstein Family Hall of Ocean Life, which is now celebrating the 10th anniversary of a masterful renovation.

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Scientific Snapshots Capture Evolutionary Stepping Stone to Land Plants, Animals

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New research out of the Museum today is the first to provide definitive proof that green algae eat bacteria. The finding, captured with electron microscope images, offers a glimpse at how scientists think early organisms acquired free-living chloroplasts, the structures responsible for converting light into food. This event is thought to be a critical first step in the evolution of photosynthetic algae and land plants, which helped raise oxygen levels in Earth’s atmosphere and paved the way for the rise of animals.

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Periodical Cicadas at the Museum

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While much of the Eastern seaboard is getting prepared for the coming of the 17-year periodical cicadas, Manhattanites may miss the show. (The cicadas have virtually never been recorded on this urban island.) But starting Wednesday, May 22, you can see periodical cicadas on the Upper West Side, here at the Museum.

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