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Wolf diorama new science

New Science for a Classic Hall: Wolves and Coyotes Produce Fertile Pups

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After more than a year of restoration work, the classic habitat dioramas in the Hall of North American Mammals, which reopens this fall, seem more vibrant and realistic than ever. While the diorama scenes haven’t changed, decades of scientific research and discovery are offering new insight into the stories they tell. Below, the second in a series of posts, this one about coyotes and wolves, on the new science behind the hall.

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Chaco Canyon Frog

A Landmark Conservation Law from Theodore Roosevelt

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In 1896, a Museum-led team began excavating ruins of an Ancestral Pueblo settlement in New Mexico’s Chaco Canyon. That work would yield tens of thousands of artifacts, including the jet frog pictured here, and generate one of the most intensely researched collections of its kind in the world. It would also inspire an act of Congress, called the Antiquities Act and signed into law by President Theodore Roosevelt, under which the site and others like it would be protected as national monuments.


Snowy Owl

Theodore Roosevelt's Snowy Owl

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In 1867, two years before this Museum was founded, eight-year-old wildlife enthusiast Theodore Roosevelt Jr. created his own Roosevelt Natural History Museum in his family’s New York City home. The collection included the skull of a seal, birds’ nests, insects, and mouse skeletons. He collected and mounted this Snowy Owl near Oyster Bay, Long Island, in 1876.



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