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Norm Platnick Thumb

Expedition Report: Norman Platnick in Chile


The Expedition Report podcast series offers an insider’s look at what it’s like to live and work in the field. In this episode, curator emeritus Norman Platnick treks through the highly diverse habitats of Chile in search of spider species found nowhere else in the world.

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Emperor Scorpion

New Scorplings in Spiders Alive

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When Spiders Alive! returns to the Museum this Friday, July 4 —two years after the exhibition’s debut—for some of the featured arachnids, it won’t be a question of coming back. As it turns out, they never left—and some have even multiplied. 

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Chilean Rose Tarantula in Hand

Spiders Alive! Returns July 4

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These incredibly versatile animals inhabit every continent except Antarctica—and can survive in environments that range from deserts to rain forests to crowded cities. Discover the fascinating world of arachnids when the live-animal exhibit Spiders Alive! returns to the Museum on July 4.

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