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Meteorite Fragments Denton Ebel

Museum Scientists Analyze Recently Fallen Meteorites with 3D Scans

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Meteorites that fell from an asteroid impact that lit up the skies over California and Nevada in April are showing scientists just how complex an asteroid surface can be. A new study published in Science this week by an international research team, including scientists from the Museum, reports that this space rock is an unusual example from a rare group known as carbonaceous chondrites, which contain some of the oldest material in the solar system.

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Coyote diorama new science

Creating a True-to-Life Butterfly for the Coyote Diorama

On Exhibit posts

A multi-video series about the restoration of the dioramas in the Jill and Lewis Bernard Family Hall of North American Mammals, now on and on the Museum's YouTube channel, documents their renovation. In this post, the second in a series, we share one of the videos, which explains how Museum conservators re-created a lifelike butterfly for the coyote diorama


Endangered Species

Theodore Roosevelt Tour of the Museum: TR and Endangered Species

On Exhibit posts

The restored Theodore Roosevelt Memorial is now open, and a new self-guided tour—available as part of the Museum's Explorer app, or on our website—highlights exhibits around the Museum with a connection to TR, who was President from 1901 to 1909. In this post, the fourth in a series, we explore one of the tour's stops: the endangered species case in the Hall of Biodiversity.



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