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An Almost-Spring Weekend March 15 and 16: Butterflies and More

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Finally, it's almost spring. So it's fitting that this weekend the Museum offers the sights of a hot-weather-loving Gila monster and golden poison frogs in The Power of Poison and free-flying tropical butterflies in The Butterfly Conservatory.

The Power of Poison

Among other live animals, see a desert-dwelling Gila monster and South American golden poison frogs in The Power of Poison, our special exhibition about poison in nature, medicine, myth, and more. 

Learn more.

Golden poison frog GIF (Poison)

Somewhat toxic or extremely toxic? See live golden poison frogs today! 


The Butterfly Conservatory

Bask in the warmth of the conservatory and the beauty of the hundreds of free-flying butterflies in this annual favorite.

Buy tickets here, and learn more in a video below.

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