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Come fly with the amazing reptiles called pterosaurs!



A new, free iPad app, adapted from the exhibition Pterosaurs: Flight in the Age of Dinosaurs, offers information about some of the coolest aspects of this diverse group of flying animals—the first vertebrates to take to the air.

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You’ll find interactive animations of pterosaurs flying, walking, eating, and even showing off some of their sizeable head crests.

Pterosaurs app


Multi-layered interactives let users explore pterosaur anatomy, habitats, and dramatic stories pterosaur of discovery. For instance, the first bones of the famed Pteranodon, the pterosaur seen flying above, were found in 1871 by intrepid paleontologists who traveled by covered wagon during an expedition to Kansas.

The app also includes commentary by exhibition curators Mark Norell and Alexander Kellner as well as short videos about aerodynamics and fossilization.

Download the app here or visit for more apps from the Museum.

Pterosaurs: Flight in the Age of Dinosaurs is open from Saturday, April 5, 2014−Sunday, January 4, 2015. 

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