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Google Hangout Today: Exosuit and Creatures of the Deep

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How can we better understand the creatures of the deep? Come join a Google Hangout On Air at 1:15 EST today. Hosted by Mariette DiChristina of Scientific American with Museum Curator of Ichthyology John Sparks and Vincent Pieribone, a researcher at the John B. Pierce Laboratory at Yale University and research associate at the Museum, the hangout will feature the Exosuit, the latest device for underwater exploration.

The Exosuit is the newest generation atmospheric diving system.

To study the behavior of fishes and invertebrates that live in the oceans' depths, scientists need to observe and interact with these animals in their habitats. But how? Advanced techniques allow for diving to several hundred feet, but human physiology sets practical limits for the type of work and amount of time at that depth.

Chain catshark

A green biofluorescent chain catshark (Scyliorhinus retifer)

©AMNH/J. Sparks, D. Gruber, and V. Pieribone

The Exosuit, the newest generation of atmospheric diving systems (ADS), keeps the pilot protected from the effects of pressure and will allow a trained pilot to perform delicate work at depths of up to 1,000 feet (305 meters) for hours. Together with a remotely operated vehicle (ROV), the Exosuit will provide new ways for scientists to observe, photograph, and collect marine life in areas that are otherwise difficult to explore.
Live from the +American Museum of Natural History, join the Google Hangout On Air at 1:15 EST to see the the only Exosuit currently in existence. You'll hear how it will be used in deep-dive research this coming summer, along with its partner ROV (remotely operated vehicle).

Watch a video to learn more about the Exosuit, on display at the Museum for one week only, from Thursday, February 27, through Wednesday, March 5.

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