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Theodore Roosevelt at Yosemite

Lifelong Passion for Wilderness Drove Theodore Roosevelt's Conservation Legacy

Ever since his childhood, Theodore Roosevelt had a sharp eye for natural history and a love for the outdoors. When he became President in 1901, he was poised to use his lifelong passion for wildlife and wilderness to direct public policy; while in office, he launched programs that would eventually protect 230 million acres of land.


Wolf diorama new science

New Science for a Classic Hall: Wolves and Coyotes Produce Fertile Pups

After more than a year of restoration work, the classic habitat dioramas in the Hall of North American Mammals, which reopens this fall, seem more vibrant and realistic than ever. While the diorama scenes haven’t changed, decades of scientific research and discovery are offering new insight into the stories they tell. Below, the second in a series of posts, this one about coyotes and wolves, on the new science behind the hall.

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