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Poison Hornbill Spoon Interior Long

A Hornbill Spoon

For much of human history, poisoning—whether by accident or malice—was much more common than it is today. How was the hornbill spoon used to protect against the threat? 

Tags: Anthropology, Poison

Wolf spider (Hogna antelucana)

Spider Primer

Scientists have identified more than 44,500 spider species so far (for comparison, there are about 6,000 mammal species). 

Tags: Spiders

Emperor Scorpion

New Scorplings in Spiders Alive

When Spiders Alive! returns to the Museum this Friday, July 4 —two years after the exhibition’s debut—for some of the featured arachnids, it won’t be a question of coming back. As it turns out, they never left—and some have even multiplied. 

Tags: Spiders


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