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Last Weekend To See the Butterfly Conservatory

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Don't miss it! The Butterfly Conservatory is open only for three more days—through this Memorial Day weekend.

8908-Misael Barragon_DF

Aflutter with tropical butterflies that feed on the nectar of specially chosen plants inside the vivarium, the exhibition features knowledgeable volunteers who can answer much about the free-flying butterflies you'll see there. Don't be surprised, too, if you see or experience something unexpected or unusual: hidden among the dark foliage you might spot the beautiful "eye" of an owl butterfly's wing (pictured below).

Owl butterfly

The owl butterfly is one of the largest species in The Butterfly Conservatory.

Stuart Seeger

Or, a butterfly may alight on your shoulder. A chrysalis on the wall might move, as the butterfly within emerges. 

Other species you might see, among up to 500 specimens, include the Doris longwing.

9085- Doris Longwing_DF

 Or the green birdwing. 

9008-Female Green Birdwing_DF

Or a delicate, fluttering paper kite.

Paper kite butterfly


Purchase tickets to the Butterfly Conservatory.

The Butterfly Conservatory is located in the Whitney Hall of Oceanic Birds, on the Museum's second floor.

Lord & Taylor is the proud sponsor of the Butterfly Conservatory.

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