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Brian Richmond Thumb

On the Trail of Human Ancestors

Visitors to the Museum’s Spitzer Hall of Human Origins are invited to “walk” in the footsteps of hominins who lived some 3.6 million years ago. For Brian Richmond deciphering what such footprints can tell us about the behavior of our early ancestors is the stuff of his life’s work. 

Tags: Anthropology, Human Evolution

Melanie Hopkins

Tracking Evolution’s Rate through Trilobites

Melanie Hopkins is working to unlock the history of the evolution of animals over vast stretches of geologic time and, for her, the key is trilobites—extinct arthropods that lived for almost 300 million years until 250 million years ago when Earth experienced the largest mass extinction in its history.

Tags: Paleontology, Fossils

Brian Smith Rotunda Photo

Studying Tropical Bird Diversity

Brian Smith, assistant curator in the Department of Ornithology since last January, credits his career path to a curiosity about nature ignited by childhood wanderings in the woods of northern New Jersey—and his mother’s passion for birds.

Tags: Ornithology


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