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A black hole with a mass of the Earth would be about the size of a marble.

Light has no weight and no mass.

When you move faster in space, you move slower in time.

Atomic Mobile

All Images: courtesy of AMNH

All living things contain carbon. Make a mobile of this elemental element with scissors, wire, pipe cleaners, and clay.

Einstein in Time

Photos: Einstein pledging (1940): courtesy of Hulton Archive/Getty; Time Magazine Cover: Time Magazine Cover; All other Einstein images: courtesy of the Albert Einstein Archives, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel

Light Quest

All Photos: courtesy of AMNH

Light, Matter, and Energy

Photos: Michael Shara: courtesy of Denis Finnin, AMNH; Illustrations: Equation Invasion: Tony Persiani; Everyday Einstein: Daryll Collins; Light the Way: Space cop: Daniel Guidera; Electromagnetic Spectrum: Eric Hamilton

Where did Einstein get his great ideas? Find out with this virtual tour.

Make Your Own Einstein Stationery

Illustrations: Stationery 1: Amanda Duffy Stationery 2: Tony Persiani Stationery 3: Eric Hamilton

Send a note to a friend with these colorful letterheads.

Nobody's Perfect

Photos: Einstein: courtesy of Agence France Presse

Einstein believed that messing up was a part of being successful-an idea that, itself, has proven relevance.

Physics Books

Explore physics with these 10 titles.

See the Light

All Photos: courtesy of AMNH

Take an enlightening look at light with these three easy experiments.

Space and Time

Kid photos: courtesy of Denis Finnin, AMNH; It's All Relative: Jim Paillot; Rabbit, elephant, and ant: Francesco Santalacia; You Light Up My Life!: Cathy Sanchez Duvivier

How do you describe your place in the 4th dimension?

Space Jell-O

Photos: courtesy of AMNH

Thanks to Einstein, we know that space bends around anything that has mass. Mix up some Jell-O, and bend your mind around this concept.

Thinking in Three Dimensions

All Photos: courtesy of AMNH

Train of Thought

Photos: satellite: courtesy of NASA; Illustrations: Newton's Ball and Light Speed: Eric Hamilton

Take your imagination on a wonderful, mind-bending trip with these "thought experiments"!

Views from Windows

Photos: courtesy of AMNH; Illustrations: Eric Hamilton

Stretch your imagination with a personal look at how the height and velocity of your vantage point affect the view.


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