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Make Your Own Mythic Mask or Puppet

Photos: Garuda shadow puppet, barong costume, kappa mask, dragon shadow puppet: AMNH / Denis Finnin; Illustrations: Sean Murtha

Put on these handmade masks or puppets and tell your own mythic tale.

Make Your Own Mythic Creatures Stationery

Illustrations: Sean Murtha

Send a note to a friend with these mythical letterheads.

Mythic Creatures Books

Ignite your imagination with these six books.

Mythic Mystery Map

Photos: Laurel Kendall, Quetzalcoatl stone sculpture, giant squid model, Ethiopian illustrated text, narwhal tusk, Mami Wata painting, qilin incense burner, kappa mask and cell phone dangle: AMNH; Lasiren Vodou Banner, dwarf elephant skull, Garuda figurine, emperor robe: AMNH/Denis Finnin; chupacabra figurine: AMNH/Craig Chesek; Barong costume: AMNH/Roderick Mickens; manatee: NOAA; Aepyornis egg: The Stone Company; Illustrations: Sean Murtha

How well do you know mythic creatures around the world?

What's this?

Photos: Frozen Tissue Collection: All specimens from the Frozen Tissue Collection, frilled leaf-tailed gecko: AMNH / Denis Finnin cryovat, test tubes: AMNH / Craig Chesek humpback whale: John J. Mosesso / NBII coyote: AMNH; Gold: gold sheet mouflon, miniature sacrificial figurine, Spanish coins: AMNH / Craig Chesek Inca necklace: AMNH / Denis Finnin Eureka Bar: AMNH / Roderick Mickens astronaut in space: NASA computer chip: stock.xchng; Leeches: jaw: Eye of Science / Photo Researchers, Inc. bite mark: Geoff Tompkinson / Photo Researchers, Inc. leech feeding on snail: Edward Hendrycks, reproduce courtesy of the Canadian Museum of Nature leeches before and after blood meal, leeches on foot, American Medicinal Leech, Malagobdella vagans, Mark Siddall in swamp: courtesy of Mark Siddall; Dioramas: AMNH / Roderick Mickens; Mythic Creatures: All photos courtesy of American Museum of Natural History; Vietnam: pygmi loris, Tonkin snub-nosed monkey: Tilo Nadler / Frankfurt Zoological Society Oriental pit viper: Robert W. Murphy / Royal Ontario Museum scientists with camera trap: Kevin Frey / AMNH Center for Biodiversity and Conservation saola: European Commission, Social Forestry and Nature Conservation

Have you ever seen a mermaid wearing a cowboy hat? Or an animal other than a unicorn with a long, spiraled tusk? Put your knowledge of mythic creatures to the test.


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