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Archaeology Books

Dig into archaeology with these six books.

Create Your Own Time Capsule

Photos: courtesy of AMNH

What would the objects say about you and the time you live in?

If Trash Could Talk

All photos: courtesy of AMNH

Take a look inside your trash can. What clues can you find?

Inca Investigation

Photos: Artifact photos: courtesy of AMNH and Craig Morris; Illustrations: Archaeologist's office: Don Baker/Represented by Kolea Baker; Inca Chronicles: The Royal Library, Copenhagen, (redrawn by Eric Hamilton); Inca Empire Map: R. Alan Covey

Examine maps and ancient artifacts. And collect all six Inca chronicles!

Make Your Own Archaeology Stationery

Illustrations stationery design 1 and 2: Eric Hamilton; Stationery Design 1: Tony Morse

Send a note to a friend with these ancient letterheads.

Making a Field Journal

Photos: Christina in the field: courtesy of Christina Elson; What to Do: all photos: courtesy of AMNH

Pick an object and record your observations in a journal.

Map Your World

What You'll Need Photos: courtesy of AMNH

Follow these easy steps to create a floor plan of your room.

Meet the OLogist: Chuck Spencer

Photos: Chuck Spencer: courtesy of AMNH; Oaxaca, Mexico: courtesy of AMNH; Chuck in the field: courtesy of Christina Elson; Monte Alban: courtesy of Chuck Spencer; excavation site: courtesy of Christina Elson; Chuck surveying a site: courtesy of Christina Elson; Elsa Redmond: courtesy Chuck Spencer; excavation site: courtesy of Chuck Spencer; sieve and trowels: courtesy of Chuck Spencer; Chuck in the field: courtesy of Christina Elson; piece of pottery: courtesy of Chuck Spencer; archaeologist recording in the field: courtesy of Chuck Spencer; excavation site: courtesy of Chuck Spencer; skull rack: courtesy of Chuck Spencer; archaeologists working: courtesy of Chuck Spencer; Museum collections: courtesy of AMNH; Chuck Spencer and Christina Elson: courtesy of AMNH; Illustrations: Map of Oaxaca Mexico: courtesy of Christina Elson; Tools: Eric Hamilton

Discover the intriguing facts and artifacts that Chuck has unearthed.

Mint Your Own Coin

Photos: What to Do (all photos): courtesy of AMNH; Global Coin collection: courtesy of David Markowitz; Coin Gallery: courtesy of AMNH, Roderick Mickens

Make a coin that tells something special about you.

Piecing It All Together

What to Do: all photos courtesy of AMNH

Decorate, shatter, and piece together your own pottery artifact!

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