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Draw Your Nervous System

Explore your nerves by creating a life-sized drawing.

Trip Up Your Brain

Try these trippy experiments to fool your brain.

Ask A Scientist: Brain

Scientist Rob DeSalle answers kids' questions about the brain!

Brain Power

Test your sight and memory with these brain games.

In Pictures: Climate Change

Photos: Ed Mathez headshot, © AMNH/D. Finnin. Satellite image of United States, Earth globe, ice, coral reef, © NASA. Smog, © US EPA. Polar bears, © US Fish & Wildlife. Flooded house, storm, cracked land, © USGS. Crowd, © Wind power, © Glowimages/AGE Fotostock. Lightbulb, © A. Booker. Electronics, © iStock. Bikes, © M. Tarr.

Find out about Earth's climate, its consequences, and what we can do.

Make a Terrarium

Photos: AMNH / Matt Tarr

Build your own miniature greenhouse to see the greenhouse effect at work.

Be an Energy Saver


Find out what you can do to save energy and slow climate change!

What Do You Know About Climate Change?

Photos: storm photo: © CORBIS ,traffic: © Tony Tremblay, house with solar panels: © Taggart Construction

Think you're an expert on changing climate? Test your knowledge with this quiz!

What's the Big Idea About Climate Change?

Photos: smokestack, © Ken W. Kiser; polar bears, courtesy of US Department of the Interior; sky, © Vanessa Van Ryzin; ice, © USGS; traffic light, courtesy of; traffic, © Tony Tremblay; buoy, © NOAA; scientists and ice core, © AMNH; flood, © USGS; Arctic ice cover, © NASA; coral reefs, © Ian Skipworh; periwinkle snail, © USGS; girl with bag, © AMNH; house with solar panels, © Taggart Construction.

Find out more about global warming. How, and why, we should slow it?

So What's Climate?

Do you know the difference between weather and climate?

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