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In Pictures: Fascinating Fish

Photos: &copy AMNH/Melanie Stiasnny

Check out these fascinating fish from Africa's lower Congo River.

Meet the OLogist: Mark Siddall

Why does Mark want to study bright red mushrooms? Find out!

Meet the OLogist: Mandë Holford

Find out why Alice in Wonderland is Mandë's favorite poison story.

Meet the OLogist: Robert Voss

Can poisons be used for good? Yes, and Robert will tell you why.

What Do You Know About Poison?

Will it kill you or cure you? Test your knowledge with this quiz.

Express Yourself!

See how good you're at recognizing emotions.

Test Your Reaction!

How fast can you catch a falling ruler? Measure your reaction time.

Taste a Smell Test

Take the jellybean test to see how your sense of smell enhances taste.

Read With Your Fingers

Use Braille to create a message for a friend.

Draw Your Nervous System

Explore your nerves by creating a life-sized drawing.


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