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Sounds of the Silk Road

Photos: © American Museum of Natural History

Play music that you may have heard along the Silk Road.

Silk Road Fables

Photos: © American Museum of Natural History

Take a look at some stories that were told along the Silk Road.

Make Your Own Paper

Photos: © American Museum of Natural History

See how you can make your own paper from old scrap paper and other materials.

What's the Big Idea About Anthropology?

Photos: bento box: courtesy of; scientist in Korea: courtesy of Laurel Kendall; trowel, courtesy of David Hurst Thomas; Inuit, courtesy of J. Hollens; Amazonian feathered headress, © AMNH; all other photos, ©

What does it mean to be human?

Meet the OLogist: Laura Kendall

Photos: Margaret Mead: ©AMNH; Indian village, Korea in 1904: courtesy of Library of Congress; Hong Kong, courtesy of CIA; Korean village in 1977, shaman rituals, Korean script, Laurel and friends: courtesy of Laurel Kendall; Mythic Creatures, Vietnam Journeys: © AMNH; masks: courtesy of Pham Van Duong, Vietnam Museum of Ethnology; all other photos:

Meet a scientist who studies Korean culture.

Poison For Good, Poison For Evil

Watch two stories from ancient Greece that are animated as if they are vase paintings come to life.

Archaeology Books

Dig into archaeology with these six books.

Create Your Own Time Capsule

Photos: courtesy of AMNH

What would the objects say about you and the time you live in?

If Trash Could Talk

All photos: courtesy of AMNH

Take a look inside your trash can. What clues can you find?

Inca Investigation

Photos: Artifact photos: courtesy of AMNH and Craig Morris; Illustrations: Archaeologist's office: Don Baker/Represented by Kolea Baker; Inca Chronicles: The Royal Library, Copenhagen, (redrawn by Eric Hamilton); Inca Empire Map: R. Alan Covey

Examine maps and ancient artifacts. And collect all six Inca chronicles!

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