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The Ancient City of Petra

Photos: Introductory Page: Peeking at the Treasury through the Siq: courtesy of Andrew F. Blumenthal; A Walk Through the Ruins: The Great Temple: courtesy of Jane Taylor,; Elephant Headed Column: Dan Gibson,; Garden Pool Complex: courtesy of Leigh-Ann Bedal; Water pipe: Dan Gibson, Siq: courtesy of Jane Taylor,; Camel relief: Andrew F. Blumenthal; Temple of the Winged Lions: courtesy of Jane Taylor,; Eye Idol: courtesy of AMNH; Egyptian statuette: courtesy of AMNH; Colonnaded Street: courtesy of Jane Taylor, Coin: Travis A. Markel / Classical Numismatic Group; Decorated incense altar: courtesy of AMNH; Qasr al Bint: courtesy of Jane Taylor,; Child's ring: courtesy of AMNH Panel of Melpomene: courtesy of AMNH; Royal tombs: courtesy of Jane Taylor,; Stone inscriptions: courtesy of AMNH; Petra Church: courtesy of J. Wilson Myers and Eleanor E. Myers; Scrolls: courtesy of AMNH; Wall mosaic tiles: courtesy of AMNH; Wall mosaic tiles: courtesy of Andrew F. Blumenthal; Column close-up: courtesy of Jane Taylor,; Steps: courtesy of Jordan Tourism Board North America; Ez-Zantur (house): courtesy Jane Taylor,; Pottery: courtesy of AMNH; Jewelry - bracelet: courtesy of AMNH; Theater: courtesy of Jane Taylor,; Tragic mask: courtesy of AMNH; Find Out More About Petra: Petra basin: courtesy of Jane Taylor,; camels drinking at a well / cisterns: courtesy of Jane Taylor,; Map of political boundaries: courtesy of AMNH; rock-cut channel along Siq used to divert water: courtesy of Dan Gibson,; Cistern: courtesy of Jane Taylor,; Map of hydrolic system: courtesy of AMNH; Pin handle with female figure: courtesy of AMNH; Terracotta oil lamp with signs of Zodiac: courtesy of AMNH; map showing an ancient road map of routes: courtesy of AMNH; monastery: courtesy of Jane Taylor,; The Siq: courtesy of Jordan Tourism Board North America; Map of the city of Petra: courtesy of AMNH; stone male head: courtesy of AMNH; Roman vase with panther-shaped handles: courtesy of AMNH; map of Roman Empire w/ Petra included: courtesy of AMNH; christianity stone: courtesy of Dan Gibson,; Bedouins living in the area: courtesy of Jane Taylor,; Map of Byzantine Empire or of Plate Tectonics: courtesy of AMNH; Illustrations: Tony Morse

Explore an amazing city carved into the sandstone cliffs.

Tools of the Trade

All photos: courtesy of AMNH, David Hurst Thomas, and Lori Pendleton; Illustrations: Eric Hamilton

Solve this cartoon mystery to see how archaeologists found a lost Spanish mission.

Up Close With a Zapotec Urn

Photos Zapotec Urn photos: courtesy of AMNH; Craig Chesek Field photos: courtesy of AMNH; Kid reporter: courtesy of AMNH, Craig Chesek

It's not easy being an artifact! Find out why in this urn-est interview.

What Do You Know About Archaeology?

Photos: site excavation: courtesy of Chuck Spencer; Oaxaca, Mexico: courtesy of Christina Elson; pottery shards: courtesy of AMNH; bracelet: courtesy of AMNH

Test your knowledge in this quiz about what it takes to dig up the past.

What's the Big Idea About Archaeology?

Photos: pottery: courtesy of AMNH; artifacts: courtesy of AMNH; monument: courtesy of Christina Elson; woman working: courtesy of AMNH; excavation site: courtesy of Chuck Spencer; building remains: courtesy of Chuck Spencer; Building excavation: courtesy Christina Elson; pottery pieces: courtesy of Christina Elson; grid: courtesy of Chuck Spencer; Jaguar urn: courtesy of AMNH; New World pottery: courtesy of Christina Elson; Illustrations: broken pottery drawing: Christina Elson

See how artifacts and ruins give us glimpses of what life was like long ago.

What's This?

Photos: Frozen Tissue Collection: All specimens from the Frozen Tissue Collection, frilled leaf-tailed gecko: AMNH / Denis Finnin cryovat, test tubes: AMNH / Craig Chesek humpback whale: John J. Mosesso / NBII coyote: AMNH; Gold: gold sheet mouflon, miniature sacrificial figurine, Spanish coins: AMNH / Craig Chesek Inca necklace: AMNH / Denis Finnin Eureka Bar: AMNH / Roderick Mickens astronaut in space: NASA computer chip: stock.xchng; Leeches: jaw: Eye of Science / Photo Researchers, Inc. bite mark: Geoff Tompkinson / Photo Researchers, Inc. leech feeding on snail: Edward Hendrycks, reproduce courtesy of the Canadian Museum of Nature leeches before and after blood meal, leeches on foot, American Medicinal Leech, Malagobdella vagans, Mark Siddall in swamp: courtesy of Mark Siddall; Dioramas: AMNH / Roderick Mickens; Mythic Creatures: All photos courtesy of American Museum of Natural History; Vietnam: pygmi loris, Tonkin snub-nosed monkey: Tilo Nadler / Frankfurt Zoological Society Oriental pit viper: Robert W. Murphy / Royal Ontario Museum scientists with camera trap: Kevin Frey / AMNH Center for Biodiversity and Conservation saola: European Commission, Social Forestry and Nature Conservation

Can you tell the difference between a giraffe's bones and those from a mammoth? Test your knowledge of fossils.

Meet the ArchaeOLogists

Photos: Chuck Spencer: courtesy of AMNH; Oaxaca, Mexico: courtesy of AMNH; Chuck in the field: courtesy of Christina Elson; Monte Alban: courtesy of Chuck Spencer; excavation site: courtesy of Christina Elson; Chuck surveying a site: courtesy of Christina Elson; Elsa Redmond: courtesy Chuck Spencer; excavation site: courtesy of Chuck Spencer; sieve and trowels: courtesy of Chuck Spencer; Chuck in the field: courtesy of Christina Elson; piece of pottery: courtesy of Chuck Spencer; archaeologist recording in the field: courtesy of Chuck Spencer; excavation site: courtesy of Chuck Spencer; skull rack: courtesy of Chuck Spencer; archaeologists working: courtesy of Chuck Spencer; Museum collections: courtesy of AMNH; Chuck Spencer and Christina Elson: courtesy of AMNH; Illustrations: Map of Oaxaca Mexico: courtesy of Christina Elson; Tools: Eric Hamilton

A Closer Look at Mars

Photos: A Closer Look at Mars: Planets and Sun: Daryl Collins; Robot: Jim Paillot; How Do We Know So Much about Mars: Telescopes: courtesy of David Crisp and the WFPC2 Science Team (JPL/CalTech); NSSDC, and NASA Spacecraft: NASA, Viking Project Robots: IMP Team, JPL (Sojourner (tm); Mars Rover (tm) and spacecraft design and images copyright: 1996-97, California Institute of Technology. All rights reserved. Further reproduction prohibited.) and NASA; Illustrations: A Closer Look at Mars: Jim Paillot; The Search for Martian Life: Maria Zuber: courtesy of Maria Zuber; Star Background: courtesy of AURA; One-on-One with the Sun: Venus, Earth, Mars: courtesy of NASA Sunspot: courtesy of AURA/NOAO/NSF; Crab Nebula: courtesy of Bill Shoening, AURA/NOAO/NSF; Boy: courtesy of Denis Finnin, AMNH

Find out what we know about Mars in this online tour of Earth's closest neighbor.

An Interview with Mars

Illustrations: Jim Steck

Help reporter Stella Stardust interview the planet Mars

Are YOU cut out for Mars?

Do you have what it takes to go on a space mission to Mars?

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