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An adult triceratops weighed more than the largest modern elephant.

The Western United States is one of the best places in the world to find dinosaur fossils. 

Sauropods had the longest necks and longest tails of any known dinosaurs.

Many sauropods grew new teeth as often as once a month, as old ones wore out.

Scientists think that dinosaurs might have been brightly colored, like many modern-day birds and reptiles.

What's the Big Idea About Paleontology?
Beyond T. rex

All dinosaur illustrations: Rick Spears

Meet some of the more unusual members of T. rex and Velociraptor's family tree.

Bone Up on Your Fossils

Match up these eight dinosaur fossil photos with their descriptions.

Buried Bones

Don't throw out your chicken bones! Bury them in plaster of Paris. Then, scrape by scrape, see firsthand the challenges archaeologists face when excavating fossils.

Drawing Dinos

Ever wonder how scientists can look at a bunch of bones and draw what a dinosaur looked like? Learn their five-step trick.

Face to Fossil

Illustrations: Deena Soris and Proto Andy: Jim Steck

Fighting Dinos

About 80 million years ago two dinosaurs were locked in deadly combat when they were suddenly buried alive. See what's been called one of the greatest fossil specimens ever found.

Finding Fossils

All photos courtesy of Carl Mehling

You don't have to be a professional paleontologist to collect the remains of ancient life. This handy guide shows you how and where to find your own fossils.

Going Gobi

Photos: Going Gobi Mike Grows Up: Mike the kid: courtesy Mike Novacek; Mike the paleontogolist and Plastering fossils: courtesy Discovery Channel Online; Journey to Mongolia: Desert Driving: All color photos: courtesy Discovery Channel Online; Journey to Mongolia: Local Animals: Camel: courtesy Discovery Channel Online; A Typical Day; Afternoon: All images: courtesy Discovery Channel Online except 3pm; A Typical Day: Night: All images: courtesy Discovery Channel Online except 10pm; Fossil Hunting: Where's the Fossil?: All images: courtesy Discovery Channel Online; Fossil Hunting: Preparations: Excavation: courtesy Discovery Channel Online; Fossil Hunting: Great Discoveries: All images: courtesy of Mick Ellison, AMNH; Our Favorite Memories: Mike Novacek: courtesy Discovery Channel Online James Clark: courtesy James Clark Minjin Bolorsetseg: courtesy Minjin Bolorsetseg Pete Makovicky: courtesy Pete Makovicky; Illustrations: Oviraptor, Map of Mongolia, and Kryptobataar: Ed Heck, American Museum of Natural History

Take a peek inside two paleontologists' scrapbook.

Layers of Time

Photos: Skeleton (Mongolia) and Lab Table: courtesy David Clark; Ghost Ranch lab and dig site: courtesy Duncan Clark

How do your fossil-sorting skills stack up? Put them to the test with this kid-friendly online puzzle.

Make Your Own Dino Stationery

Illustrations: Rick Spears

Send a note to a friend with these colorful letterheads.

Meet the OLogist: Mark Norell

Photos: courtesy of AMNH

Find out what cool stuff Mark has uncovered.

Meet the PaleontOLogists

Photos: Mark Norell Photos: courtesy of AMNH; Kid photos: courtesy of the subjects

Find out what cool stuff Mark, Anna, Max, and Reva have uncovered.

Mesozoic Museum

All photos: AMNH

Create your own miniature Mesozoic Museum. Don't forget to invite your friends and family to the opening!

Paleo Poll

Make your opinion count!

Paleontology Books

Dig your way through this list of ten titles.

What Do You Know about Paleontology?

Photos: Question 2: courtesy T. Tokaryk, USGS Western Region Geological Survey

How much do you know about the Age of Dinosaurs? Brush the dust and other sediment off your brain, and test your paleontology knowledge with this interactive quiz.

Meet the OLogist: John Flynn

Hi, I'm John Flynn and I'm a paleontologist at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City. I research fossil mammals and the relationships between living and fossil mammals.

In Pictures: Fossils

A paleontologist travels to Antarctica to collect fossil evidence.

Meet the OLogist: Ross MacPhee
Anatomy Adventure

Reconstruct and identify a fossil skeleton.

Living Large

Images: Jonah Choiniere, © Jonah Choiniere; Sauropod parade, © Raúl Martin; wire frame of Diplodicus skull with brain case, © AMNH / D.Finin; Stegosaurus and T. rex illustrations, © Ed Heck; Apatosaurus illustraton, © Sean Murtha; sauropod CT brain scan, © Amy Balanoff; T. rex CT brain scan, © Larry Witmer; human brain illustration, © Richard Tibbitts/Antbits; Camarasaurus, Diplodicus and T. rex teeth, © AMNH / D.Finin; human teeth diagram, © AMNH; Camarasaurus skull, © AMNH / D. Finin; microscopic view of tooth growth lines, © Greg Erickson; giraffe, Apatosaurus, Mamenchisaurus, Europasaurus and Argentinosaurus silhouettes, © AMNH; CT scan of sauropod vertebrae, © Mathew Wedel; construction crane, © flickr/Ben Sutherland; Barosaurus, © Scott Hartman; Charles Knight swamp painting, © AMNH; manatee ribs, AMNH / C.Chesek ; Apatosaurus ribs, AMNH / R.Mickens; sauropod ribcage illustration, © AMNH; sauropod ribs animation, © AMNH; Apatosaurus leg, © AMNH / R.Mickens; CT scan of femur showing growth rings, © Anusuya Chinsamy-Turan; fossilized sauropod nest and fossilized egg, © Luis Chiappe; close-ups of egg shell pores, © Dr. Frankie Jackson; baseball, © flickr/Yi-tao ?Timo? Lee; volleyball, © flickr/ Jason Cornelio; beach ball, © flickr/Timothy Valentine; sauropod nest and hatchling, © AMNH / D.Finin; Mamenchisaurus growth chart, © AMNH; fossilized oviraptor nest, © AMNH.

Examine fossils and gather clues from experts!

Identification Adventure

Reconstruct and identify a fossil skeleton.

Pterosaurs: The Card Game

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