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Chapter 6 - Earth's Surface and Interior




Unit C - Earth and Beyond

Chapter 6 - Earth's Surface and Interior

Discover how volcanoes, earthquakes, and weather shape the Earth's surface features, Learn how scientists study the Earth's interior.Explore the landforms that lie hidden beneath the world's oceans.



Exploring Density

Why do some materials sink to the core of a planet while others float to the crust? This experiment uses marshmallow fluff and molasses to illustrate the concept of planet differentiation.



Journey to Deep Sea Vents

Journey thousands of meters below sea level to examine the underwater geysers that spew hot, mineral-rich water from beneath the seafloor ... and that are host to an amazing diversity of life.



The Movement of Ice Sheets

More than any other, the West Antarctic Ice Sheet has the greatest potential to raise sea levels all over the world. Learn how scientists are studying it, both in the field and back in the lab.

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