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Earth Science - Unit D (Grade K)




Weather, such as wind, sun, rain, and snow, affects the clothing people wear and the activities they can do. Throughout the year, there are daily and seasonal weather changes. They sky looks different during the day than it does at night.


Curriculum Materials

Building a Cloud Chamber (Cosmic Ray Detector)

Wouldn't it be cool if you could create a rain cloud? Or call cosmic rays into view? Well, you can do both! All you need is an aquarium, a slide projector, dry ice, and a few other easy-to-get supplies.

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The Earth formed over 4.5 billion years ago. and has been changing ever since. 

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Seasonal Cycle

If the Earth turns all the way around every 24 hours, then why are some days longer than others? And why do we have winter and summer? See the answers for yourself—in a matter of seconds.

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