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  • Climate_ChangingAtmosphere

    Changing Atmosphere

    Interactive globes present data about Earth’s atmosphere, ocean, ice and cloud currents.

  • Climate_FossilFuelTimeline

    Fossil Fuel Timeline

    This collage highlights the technological advances that have reshaped our world since the Industrial Revolution.

  • Climate_MultiplierInteractive
  • Climate_PlantWall

    Making a Difference

    A live plant wall demonstrates one way we might reduce energy use and CO2 emissions.

  • Climate_ChangingAtmosphere2

    Changing Atmosphere

    See how the warming atmosphere is affecting the earth’s atmosphere at an interactive station.

  • Climate_Rain


    A falling water installation prompts a discussion about how climate change causes extreme weather.

  • Climate_SeaLevelRise

    Sea-Level Rise

    A model shows projected sea-level rise in lower Manhattan.

  • Climate_ChangingOcean

    Changing Ocean

    The dangers of ocean warming are modeled in this diorama of dead white coral against a backdrop of a healthy, vibrant reef.

  • Climate_Phytoplankton

    Ocean Composition

    This diorama demonstrates how an increase in the ocean’s absorption of CO2 affects the food chain.

  • Climate_ChangingIce

    Changing Ice

    Climate Change affects the composition of the Earth’s ice caps. As climate changes, habitats are changing as well.

  • Climate_AlbedoInteractive

    Albedo Effect

    This interactive demonstrates the albedo effect and its relationship with melting ice caps.

  • Climate_ChangingLand

    Changing Land

    Arresting dioramas show animal and plant species that have been endangered by climate change as well as environmental threats, including deforestation. ©AMNH/D. Finnin

  • Climate_TreeRings

    Count the Rings

    Examine real tree cross-sections to uncover the record of climate change revealed in the tree rings. ©AMNH/D. Finnin

  • Climate_AltEnergySources

Climate Change: A New Energy Future

Investigate one of the most complex and urgent scientific and social issues of the 21st century: global climate change. This exhibition explains the science of climate change to visitors of all ages and explores the implications for future generations. While this exhibition makes clear that there is no single solution, it allows visitors to see how individual, collective, communal, and governmental actions in efficient energy usage, combined with pursuing promising new energy alternatives, can make a meaningful impact. 

Climate Change: A New Energy Future is organized by the American Museum of Natural History, New York, in collaboration with Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture and Heritage; The Cleveland Museum of Natural History; The Field Museum, Chicago; the Instituto Sangari, São Paulo, Brazil; Junta de Castilla y León, Spain; Korea Green Foundation, Seoul; the Natural History Museum of Denmark, Copenhagen; Papalote Museum del Niño, Mexico City, Mexico; and Saint Louis Science Center.



“A family-friendly take on global warming” - New York Post

“The exhibit ends with a hopeful eye toward the future” -

Exhibition Information

Venue gallery size:

7,000 – 8,000 ft2 

(650 – 750 m2)


Venue ceiling height:

12 ft recommended

(3.6 m)


Conservation & Security requirements:



Standard Rental Length:

16 weeks


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