Dinosaur Discoveries: Ancient Fossils, New Ideas

A fleshed-out model of a life-sized Protoceratops is next to a skeleton
*For Smaller Galleries* 
A cast skull of a dinosaur positioned in front of a label deck that says Touch A Skull
Touchable fossil models invite visitors to experience the evidence.

This exciting exhibition showcases the world of modern paleontology, introducing a dynamic vision of dinosaurs and the scientists who study them.

New discoveries and technologies reveal how dinosaurs lived, moved and behaved.

Find out how advanced technologies allow scientists to look at fossils in fresh ways.

Examine realistic models and casts, and see dinosaurs walk, run and move their long necks in fantastic computer simulations.

A scale model skeleton of a Tyrannosaurus rex is displayed as if mid-stride
How fast did T. rex run? Inspect this scale model and watch a video animation to find out what biomechanics experts think.

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Dinosaur Discoveries: Ancient Fossils, New Ideas is organized by the American Museum of Natural History, New York (amnh.org) in collaboration with California Academy of Sciences, San Francisco, The Field Museum, Chicago, Houston Museum of Natural Science, North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences, Raleigh.