Corporate Philanthropy

Donations of various sizes help the Museum fulfill its mission to discover, interpret, and disseminate – through a wide platform of exhibitions, research, and education – important knowledge about human cultures and the natural world. Reaching audiences far and wide, the Museum continually extends its resources and expertise beyond its four walls, providing unique opportunities for learning and supporting students, educators, families and the general public with its unique set of strengths. Addressing our nation’s most pressing needs in science and education and public enrichment, the Museum is uniquely poised to deliver high-impact programming that serves audiences who can benefit most.

To support the Museum’s programming, please contact the Office of Corporate Relations at


Supporting Students

The Museum has long been a leader in advancing education opportunities for elementary, middle, and high school students from New York City and beyond. In addition to providing premier access to its renowned exhibitions to students at free or significantly reduced rates, the Museum offers a wide-ranging suite of classes, research experiences, mentoring, and group exploration for young learners. With a goal of improving K – 12 science education and enhancing local, state, and national curricula with highly effective supporting resources, the Museum strives to make its expertise, collections, and on-site programming readily available to students who can benefit most.


Supporting Teachers

Quality educators are crucial to the success of our next generation. The Museum is committed to providing teachers with the knowledge and tools to instill a passion for learning in their students and achieve measurable success both in and out of the classroom. Through a suite of professional development programs, resources, and events for educators that include curriculum development, workshops, and demonstrations that support both onsite and classroom learning, the Museum serves thousands of teachers on-site and online each year.


Supporting Parents and Families

Since its founding over 140 years ago, the Museum has been a fixture in the New York City cultural and educational landscape and a favorite destination for families from across the City, throughout the nation, and around the world. Through a robust calendar of public offerings and unparalleled informal learning experiences, the Museum is a center for learning and discovery, sparking continued engagement with the many wonders contained within its storied halls.


Lifelong Learning

To effectively inspire and educate audiences of all ages and backgrounds, the Museum offers a dynamic platform of initiatives to foster continued exploration and support opportunities for lifelong enrichment. Leveraging its vast resources and collections, the Museum’s expertise in research and education creates the foundation for myriad programs, events, lectures, performances, and more that nurture an enduring passion for learning. 


Science Research Initiatives 

Renowned as a site for field-leading research and innovation, the Museum advances a diverse platform of research initiatives, nurturing vital discoveries and encouraging the most sophisticated progress in an array of disciplines. From its immense specimen collections, to academic research and publication initiatives, to worldwide institutional collaborations, to environmental efforts to preserve the delicate balance of biodiversity on Earth, Museum scientists, students, and conservationists pursue an active field of initiatives both onsite and around the world.