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Our Earth’s Future

June 1, 2015

Our Earth’s Future is about the science of climate change—and how to talk about it. 

Past Offerings

Sea to Space April 2015

Super Science Lab: Sea to Space

April 18, 2015

Life on Earth is—as far as we know—unique in the universe.   Can exploring Earth’s oceanic depths offer clues to environments that could host life in our dark universe?

Our Earth's Future

Our Earth's Future: One-Day Course

April 11, 2015

In a special one-day offering, Dr. Debra Tillinger will lead an in-depth exploration of the science of the Arctic and Antarctic regions, and how changes in these two critical areas of Earth indicate and catalyze the impacts of climate change.

Animal Drawing CC

Animal Drawing

March 18, 2015 - May 6, 2015

Sold out - The celebrated dioramas, dinosaur skeletons, and other distinctive features of the Museum serve as the setting for an intensive after-hours drawing course with illustrator and naturalist, Patricia Wynne

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