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Our Earth's Future: Understanding Climate Science and Sea Level Rise

March 11, 2017


In this one-day offering, Dr. Debra Tillinger leads an in-depth course about the forces that determine sea levels. Compare human-induced sea level rise, a consequence of global warming, with other phenomena related to the interaction of the ocean and the atmosphere. Participants will come away with a better understanding of climate change, and the ability to discuss the science behind the headlines with friends and family.


View of Pilot in the cockpit operating a helicopter over the open ocean

Storing CO2 to Protect the Climate

Since 1996, an experiment in the North Sea has been injecting millions of tons of excess carbon dioxide back into the Earth for safe storage. The technology is gaining ground as a viable innovation to help combat climate change.

GRACE data visualization showing changes in total freshwater storage across Earth for the period January 2003 to March 2009

GRACE Tracking Water from Space 

Data from the GRACE satellites allow scientists to see how fresh water is being redistributed across the continents over time.

Glacier face

Archived in Ice: Rescuing the Climate Record

By analyzing global ice cores, glaciologists like Lonnie Thompson now have a well-preserved record for 150,000 years of climate history, allowing us to better predict future climate change.