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The Future of Food

March 5, 2013

Corn Future of Food

© AMNH/R. Mickens

What are the hidden forces that shape what we eat? How will biotechnology and trade change our food systems in the future? Are genetically modified foods the problem, the solution, or beside the point? Can we "patent" nature? What are the legal and ethical implications at play? Dispel common myths and discover the real science and issues beyond the headlines in this groundbreaking conversation with experts from diverse fields. Join plant geneticist Paul Gepts, economic journalist Fred Kaufman, ethicist Paul Root Wolpe, and intellectual property lawyer Rochelle Dreyfuss for an intellectual feast about the future of food.


This program is presented in conjunction with Our Global Kitchen: Food, Nature, Culture, opening November 17 at the American Museum of Natural History. 

The exclusive corporate sponsor for Our Global Kitchen is J.P. Morgan.

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