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Hayden Planetarium Programs

Frontiers Lecture: Unraveling the Mystery of Continental Crust Formation with Max Schmidt and Oliver Jagoutz

April 7, 2014

april14_frontiers lecture

This artist's rendering shows a solar system that is a much younger version of our own. Dusty disks, like the one shown here circling the star, are thought to be the breeding grounds of planets, including rocky ones like Earth.


Working high in the Himalayan Mountains of Pakistan, Oliver Jagoutz and Max Schmidt have discovered the long sought-after missing piece that explains the formation of the continental crust. Their explorations in the 100-150-million-year-old Kohistan Arc, which is the best-exposed arc section in the world, led to their discovery of a hidden flux in Earth’s mantle. The composition of this flux puts material in the mantle on a par with that of meteorites. This talk will explore the implications of this discovery for understanding our planet’s evolution.

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