Hayden Planetarium Programs

Science Throwdown: Sea vs. Space

April 13, 2017

Wave VS Moon

Into the deep or over the Moon—which is more important, intriguing, and inspiring? Explore the merits of sea vs. space across a range of judging categories with aquanauts Fabien Cousteau and Liz Bentley Magee, and astronauts Mike Massimino and Don Pettit. This tongue-in-cheek “debate” pits these luminaries against each other, and you decide who wins. Hosted by comedian and journalist Faith Salie.

 A book signing and meet-and-greet to follow.

About the Speakers

Fabien Cousteau is an Aquanaut, Oceanographic Explorer, Environmental Advocate, and Founder of Fabien Cousteau Ocean Learning Center. He is well known for his study of sharks and from 2000-2002, Fabien was an Explorer-at-Large for National Geographic. In more recent years, Fabien completed a monumental project called Mission 31 where he and his team lived and worked underwater for 31 days, based out of the world’s only undersea marine laboratory.  Early in 2016 he founded the Fabien Cousteau Ocean Learning Center (“OLC”) to fulfill his dream of creating a vehicle to make a positive change in the world.

Liz Bentley Magee manages the Three Seas Program and diving operations at the Marine Science Center.  She is primary contact for Three Seas and Diving Safety related inquiries. Liz graduated from Northeastern University with a BS in Biology in 2008.  Since graduating, she has worked in marine education and research for many years including kelp forest monitoring in Southern California, feeding sharks, rays, and turtles at the New England Aquarium, and teaching young kids to scuba on Catalina Island.

Michael Massimino is a former NASA astronaut, professor of Mechanical Engineering at Columbia University, and the senior advisor for space programs at the Intrepid Sea, Air, and Space Museum. He is also the first person to tweet in space, and is now a New York Times bestselling author for his book “Spaceman: An Astronaut’s Unlikely Journey to Unlock the Secrets of the Universe”.  Massimino received his Bachelor of Science degree from Columbia and Master of Science degree in both Mechanical Engineering and Technology and Policy, as well as his Doctor of Philosophy degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. 

Donald R. Pettit was selected by NASA in 1996.  The Silverton, Oregon native holds a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from Oregon State University and a Doctorate in Chemical Engineering from the University of Arizona.  Prior to becoming an astronaut, he worked as a staff scientist at the Los Alamos National Laboratory, New Mexico.  A veteran of three spaceflights, Pettit served as NASA Science Officer for Expedition 6 in 2003, operated the robotic arm for STS-126 in 2008 and served as a Flight Engineer for Expedition 30/31 in 2012, where he lived aboard the International Space Station for more than 6 months.